Ride Operator Training

Our ride supervisors and top level ride staff attended over 5000 hours of specialized training in 2007. All of our ride supervisors are Aims and/or NAARSO certified. Some have obtained the same credentials that could qualify them to be independent ride inspectors. Annually, ride supervisors are required to up their status one level in a certified safety and/or ride operation program. Our management approach with an extensive supervisory staff is second to none in the nation. Our range of experience is vast, from marketing and guest relations to technical amusement ride training. Our dedication to the safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority in our operations. We contract with 16 ride supervisors to oversee our operations. We also employ 12 top-level staff or foremen who have obtained many of the same certifications as their supervisors in addition to their 10-hour OSHA compliance certifications.