Ray Cammack Shows, Inc. has been providing carnival entertainment to fairs and guests since 1963. Each year, we ride over 10 million people on our amusement rides. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail. That detail is reflected in our safety records, our guest satisfaction, and our capability to gross maximum revenues. Our management team has over 875 collective years of experience in the industry. They are on site performing the jobs they are well trained for. Many have technical experience, or business degrees; all of them individually, are professionals. We believe this one tool in our company is the strongest and most important. This is significant in what makes our company different. Ray Cammack Shows has always been a leader in change and latest innovations, however, in 2007, we took it to the next level by implementing a new FunPass electronic ticketing system, purchasing 14 new rides, 100% in-house management of the game department, and a new electronic management system the games inventory. In 2014, we added 5 New Rides to our midway and continue to add several new rides each year! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the latest photos of our midway and our promotions.


With safety first; to produce and maintain the premier quality entertainment known to the worldwide carnival industry.

Our People

Our key management is the strength of our company but a tree needs water to grow. Our employees serve that role. We have offered our employees incentives and programs that are not common in our industry. We provide amenities such as an employee lounge on the midway, on-site hair salon and childcare, and an extensive commissary. If we want good people to work with us, we feel we need to provide them with the tools they need. In return, our employees adhere to perhaps some of the strictest codes in the industry. Long hair, ponytails, beards, and excessive facial hair on men are not allowed. Earrings are worn by women only. Everyone is expected to be well groomed and acceptable to our discriminating guests of the fair. We believe our codes contribute to the total environment we create for our guests. That helps spell success. Happy customers stay longer, spend money, and tell others of their experiences.